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Document Drying & Reprocessing

Flood and water damage books, documents and blueprints can develop mold within 24 hours, and require immediate action.

Humidity levels of 45% or higher should be considered dangerous to books and a temperature of 65º F or lower should be maintained when books and documents are wet.

ACME Disaster Recovery Services recommends the following when books, documents or blueprints are wet due to a flood or water damage:

  1. Wet documents, maps, blueprints, etc. should not be separated while wet.
  2. Books, documents and blueprints be should be frozen within 48 hours after a water loss to prevent mold growth.
  3. Vacuum freeze drying is recommended when drying documents, books and blueprints.
  4. Never remove a book from a shelf by pulling down at the top of the books spine, which can cause the spine to tear. The proper handling is to grasp the book by its sides.
  5. When moving or storing damaged books, milk crates or cardboard bankers box sized 15" x 20" x 10" is recommended.
  6. Blueprints that are rolled should be transported in PVC pipe or a drawing tube.
  7. Blueprints that are stored in drawing drawers and documents stored in filing cabinets should be transported in their respective cabinet drawers when wet.
  8. Hanging blueprints and maps should be placed onto a heavy cardboard box and interleave cardboard between each set.

Document drying & reprocessing services offered

  • Freeze drying – Desiccant air drying
  • Surface cleaning – Deodorizing
  • Freezer & electronic storage
  • Copying – Labeling

For immediate response, call ACME Disaster Recovery Services at 518.266.3438